Thoughts about the Monash shooting and a Crown Casino terrorist attack warning (hoax?)

Ceremony of Reflection and Respect for the Monash
shooting victims

Venue: Robert Blackwood Concert Hall (Building 2 on the Clayton campus)

Time: 11am on Friday 25 October, 2002.

Hmm…the gunman is being charged in court and the 5 wounded are well on their way to recovery
so I guess it’s back to life as usual. It’s sad to think that two innocent students died though. I
actually saw the parents and sister (?) of one of the deceased today. They looked very sad, but I
didn’t know what I could say that would make them feel better so I just nodded at them. On the
other side of the coin, the gunman’s story seems unfortunate as well. He has an old mother to
support, and now that he’s in prison, what’s going to happen to her? And why didn’t he think of
that before he started shooting? The mind boggles. I heard stories that he’s under a lot of
pressure to do well in his presentation, and it’s quite a challenge considering he doesn’t know
English that well. I guess that can be pretty stressful, but hell, if every student started
shooting every time they’re stressed, I guess there won’t be any Monash students left, would there?
What he did was wrong, and yet, inexplicably sad.

You have received a message!
Pls forward:
For your safety dun go to crown these days
terrorist attack: a friend’s friend had found a wallet somewhere and he rang the owner and gave it
back to him, the owner of the wallet is from pakistan, then he thanked my friend’s friend and then
told them not to go to crown or any places which are these days as there will be something terrible
going to happen”

“Ths was written by a HK friend from eng. Just on the safe side dun go”

This is an ICQ message that’s been circling around lately. I got two of these from two totally
unrelated people (except they’re both Monash University students) within a 15 minute period. I
suspect it’s a hoax, but one can never be too careful these days. Just FYI.

Link: 7 deadly
[] (He even had a 9mm

Link: Professor sings praises of
murdered uni duo

Link: Kung-fu instincts kick in as
shots fly

Link: Modest
hero’s instinct takes over

…and the knee-jerk response:

Link: Howard to push for limited
ban on handguns

Link: National
push to restrict pistols

It’s interesting to see that the gunman is said to be a member of the Melbourne Indoor Pistol Club []. I went there
earlier this year (read about it here [] – 1/4
down the page) and it’s a pretty fun place where you can shoot with real handguns and live ammo.
They’re also an authorized Heckler and Kosh [] dealer. Check
it out if you’re interested.

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