I’m listening to Sum 41’s Does This Look Infected? album now. They
sound like a cross between NOFX and Offspring. Cutting off the edginess
of NOFX with the mellower sounds of Offspring. The basslines are really
good too, I can feel them rebeverate down my neck in two chords (which
are my neck cords). It seems rather teen-oriented though, with the
angst and insecurities and all that. I like NOFX’s wittiness better.
But can’t deny them great chords going down my cords. I like Over My
Head though. I’m totally chilling on the chords and I like the lyrics
too. The voice sounds slightly whiny too, as should be. Slightly
nostalgic. Sure brings me back to ’94. I would have loved them when I
heard them then, when I was 14. Mmm…So Good Chocolate Flavoured

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