The Pain!!!

I’m so fucking stupid, so fucking stupid, so fucking stupid! I
copied my photos from the main directory over into a new directory, but
then changed my mind coz I wanted everything in a single directory so I
cancelled and shift-deleted the new directory. Well, guess what? It
seems I have fucking CUT instead of COPIED and now I’ve lost all my
pictures from the 7th of December to the 25th of December. That’s more
than 2 weeks worth of daily pictures, and most of them are very
memorable ones. To my poor memory, the photos ARE my memory and I just
lost more than 2 weeks worth of it. Well, thank you very much! Perfect
timing buddy, right after I stopped feeling sorry for myself for coming
back to Melbourne so early. If I wasn’t given a Y chromosome, I would
be bawling my eyes out right now. I really must check before deleting
next time. It really is a must, especially with photos. I’m so bummed.
It’s like that two weeks never happened. When will the hurting stop?

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