In Soviet Russia…

I went to get some fish and chips for dinner with Jimmy today. Jimmy
is my old buddy from college and it seems that he has decided to go
back to Singapore for good next week for personal reasons. Hmm…now
there’s one less person in halls over summer. It’s gonna be a long

Now that reminds me of the first time I came over to Melbourne in
2000. I was missing my girlfriend very much and suddenly broke into a
refrain of Sealed With A Kiss (the oldie) while walking home from
playing basketball with a couple of friends. Heh. Oh yes its gonna
be a looooong, looooonely summerrrrrr…but darling I prooomise you
thissss – I’ll send you all my looove…EVERY day in a letter…
Seeeealed with a kisssss.
lalala Not sure how the actual lyrics
go, but I’m famed for intentionally singing the wrong lyrics and adding
in bits and parts of my own to songs anyway.

Anyway, I was heating up a rice box for dinner last night and I
happen to notice that someone did a bit of graffiti on a food safety
poster. It’s hardly noticeable since it was done using a pin by slowly
poking small holes to make words, but I just happened to notice it
yesterday. It goes:


And someone else put this below it:


Heh. I loved it so much I’m gonna make it Picture of the Day. Click here
[] for a large version of the graffiti or click on the
picture to the right of the screen. This is the original poster:


It’s all good though, did you know that:

In Soviet Russia, the posters pin-graffiti YOU!


Edit (15-01-2003): Fixed link since the POTD has changed.

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