"Hey mate do you have a spare dollar?"

I went to Coles to get some laundry detergent today and while I was
waiting for the bus, this girl came up to me and asked me if I had a
spare dollar. This is not uncommon over here, and I usually oblige if
they ask nicely and they look like they need it. The last time someone
asked me was this guy who surprised me late one night by saying “Sorry
to bother you, but could you please spare some change?” It was nice of
him to ask so politely, but I didn’t have any change, so I said so. He
went “Oh, that’s okay” and went to ask someone else. No one gave him
any change and I honestly felt sorry for the guy coz he looked like he
was in a bad shape, shivering and shaking. I was on my way to McDonalds
and he was still there when I came out so I approached him and gave him
the coins I got as change from my meal (about A$4). He needed it more
than me anyway, though I suspect it’s not for food. :)

However, I said no today even though I felt sorry for the girl. She
was drinking milk from a carton, and this always tugs at my
heartstrings ever since I saw this movie (forgot the title) about this
girl who had no money and had to survive by drinking milk from those
small packets they put beside the straws and napkins in McDonalds.
Er..yeah, it’s all jumbled up in my head. The point is, milk = cheap,
nutritious food. The reason I said no was because I haven’t eaten
anything since dinner last night (more than 24 hours ago) so I’m
feeling tired and irritable.

Now this got me thinking. Most people tend to be irritable and
become less than charitable when they’re hungry or tired. Okay, so this
isn’t the biggest revelation ever, but I’ve never noticed myself
predisposed that way before. Guess I was wrong.

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