Don’t wake me from this dream…

My pupils dilate when I see you
A glimpse of your white skin
You smell so good, you taste so pleasant
There is no happiness like mine

Being with you makes me feel like God
Blasphemy, you give me so much pleasure
I want to be with you every second of the day
There is none other like you

I lick your skin, I eat you out
I savor the smell of your presence
Fill my nostrils with your essence
I want to make love to you

Fleeting, like a feather in a breeze
Leaving, after a scant few hours with me
Fickle, you leave me wanting
My pupils constrict, I feel like shit

Dexamphetamine, my love
Don’t ever leave me
Speak my name…
I want you here with me…


Don’t wake me from this dream…(A chemical love story)
– veritas March 2003

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