Xanax scripting

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Mosaic on doctor’s handwriting, script number and other possible identifiers

I got a Xanax (alprazolam) script off my regular doctor (the Benzo Nazi) last Friday. You probably have to read this
[sixthseal.com] to understand the background. I had wanted to visit the
Benzo Messiah and get 100 x 2 mg Klonopin (clonazepam) tablets by
claiming that it wasn’t working, so I called back to my doctor back
home and realized it was 2 mg pills after all. I made two appointments
but the Benzo Messiah was not in both times coz he was sick. I have
made another appointment for this Friday, and I’ll probably visit Doctor Dexamphetamine [sixthseal.com] on the same day, so wish me luck! 🙂

Pharmacia Xanax 250 microgram 50 tablets – Made in Belgium

Anyway, I was kinda worried when I visited Benzo Nazi. My pupils were absolutely huge
from my dexamphetamine run, and I tried to avoid eye contract to give
myself away, but I think the doctor didn’t pick it up anyway. Anyway, I
just told him the Aropax (also known as Paxil, contains paroxetine)
wasn’t working and I went to another doctor and he scripted me 0.25 mg
of Xanax twice a day and it helped a lot. This of course was not true,
and I do feel bad about being untruthful. It may surprise a lot of you,
but being untruthful makes feel me guilty and I don’t do it unless I’m
doctor shopping for scripts.

The front of the blister pack
Pill front: Upjohn 29
Pill back: Single score, beveled edges

I told him that the other (fictional) doctor gave me only a two week
supply and I changed my story by telling him I’m aware that it’s
addictive, but it really helps me with my anxiety. Of course, I didn’t
visit another doctor, I just wanted to try an alternative angle to see
if he would prescribe me Xanax. Well, long story short, he did. 🙂 He
actually wanted to script me Valium but I told him that makes me too
sleepy and I needed to concentrate in class and he went “Oh, yeah,
that’s true”. 🙂

The back of the blister pack
tablets 250 ug

He scripted me 50 x 0.25 mg Xanax tablets on the condition that I
make an appointment with a clinical psychiatrist to evaluate me. The
Xanax is only enough for 5 recreational doses if I combine it with
alcohol or 2.5 recreational doses if I don’t. I usually take 2.5 mg +
alcohol or 5 mg by itself. The script isn’t much, but I didn’t want to
blow it by saying I was scripted 0.5 mg or 1 mg pills by the fictional
other doctor because standard prescribing procedure is 0.25 mg at
first. I don’t think it’s worth the A$15.05 I paid for it, but at least
the consultation is free.

Update: My math is so screwed up. It’s actually cheaper than the prices back home so it is worth it. Very much so. 🙂

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