Arguments for 4-MAR

Note: This is a post by veritas.

Disclaimer: Important! Read me first! []

Caution: Important! Read me first! []

Insufflated methamphetamine doses has never “lasted” this long
before. I don’t mean “last” as in keeping me awake, that’s pointless
when you’re all scattered and shit from the comedown. By “last” I mean,
keeping me awake WITH mental clarity! =D Unthinkable! Personally, I
need to re-dose frequently with methamphetamines or else “mental
fatigue” sets in. You know what I’m talking about…it’s that twilight
zone when you’re wide awake but you can’t do anything coz your mind is
scattered left, right and center. It’s been more than 24 hours since my
last bump of 4-MAR and I’m still fresh! Unimaginable! Very unusual long
lasting ‘mental clarity’ effects, personally, I’m already convinced
that this really is the rare 4-MAR (U4EA) instead of crystal

Remember when I said I’ll keep the other point till a later time to
understand the substance better? Uh yeah, I think I’ll consume it today
after all, strictly in the interests of limiting my legal
liability by discarding all the evidence that could be used against me.
The disposal of the substance will take place in my nostrils, which
changes the legal distinction quite significantly, from possession to
consumption. There you go, I’ve already significantly reduced the legal
ramifications. What? Denial? Isn’t that just a river in Egypt? πŸ˜‰
Anyway, I don’t fear you, long lasting 4-MAR. I’ve got a benzo tea
party happening right here in my room:


Valium: Klonopin 2mg, is that your baby? My…she’s grown so much since I last saw her.
Klonopin 2 mg: Yeah, next thing you know, she’ll be leaving me to go off to college.
Klonopin 0.5 mg: Waa…waa…
Xanax: This is good tea.
Dexamphetamine: Hello, mind if I join in?
Xanax: Go away, can’t you read? Benzos ONLY!
Dexamphetamine: *mumbles*there’s some drug classification discrimination happening around here*mumbles*

Oh, and by the way, I DO NOT recommend exercise while on 4-MAR.
Moderate walking had my heart jack hammering and my brain was going:
*coronary alert* *coronary alert* *stroke eminent* *cardiac arrest in 10 seconds* *hypertensive crisis in progress*
Seriously though, I feared for the well-being of my heart and I nearly
blacked out. This is not paranoia, I timed by heart beats. So yeah,
avoid exercise while on 4-MAR. My heart is still pounding after 15
minutes of rest, so there is a real risk of cardiac failure, all jokes
aside. Beware. Exercise (oh, the irony) caution.

Anyway, blood pressure goes up too, to the point that I can feel the
pressure against my veins, if that sounds logical. There is a high body
load involved indeed, I try to refrain from using hyperbolic terms, but
I can’t this time. My blood pressure is skyrocketing. Fuck, I feel like
I’m going to kick the bucket anytime. Sheesh…and I’m not even moving!
Please, if you’re considering 4-MAR consumption, be very cautious about
the high body load. Serious health issues may lie ahead, if you have
existing hypertension/heart conditions. Be still, my beating heart.
Onegai. Just take it easy for a while alright?

Okay, that’s a very serious side effect that you need to be aware
of. It’s very, very stressful on the heart. Erowid was right about aminorex substances and pulmonary hypertension
[]. I like to think of myself as experienced and yet I forget
(or to be honest, ignore) the important axiom “You can always take
more, but you can’t take less”. I don’t mean to go on and on about
this, but it’s a serious issue and deserves to be emphasized. Just be
cautious with the dosages of 4-MAR, it stresses the heart like no other
substance. I find (meth)amphetamines can’t even compare to the stress
4-MAR puts on the heart. Take care with this substance! It’ll be the
perfect study/work drug if only it didn’t tax the heart so much. I
prefer it to dextroamphetamine and methamphetamine for studying and
assignments, but my heart just can’t stand the strain being exerted on
it by this particular substance. I’m just glad my heart seems to be
coping with the stress. Thank God!

Anyway, I went to get some multivitamins at the pharmacy (which explains the walking bit):

Swisse Men’s ULTIVITE
Mineral & Anti-oxidant
With Herbs
Formula 1
Formulated by a professor based on 20 years of research.
60 tablets (2 months supply) for A$27.40

Me: Hello, can you recommend a good multivitamin that really works?
Girl: Yeah, this one is really good, it’s got all the daily requirements so you only need one per day.
Me: I hear that not all the vitamins and minerals are digested
and utilized with synthetic multivitamins though, does this really
absorb well?
Girl: Well, they’ve got one for men and one for women and I’m on
the one for women and I find it very energizing. There’s ginkgo in
them, which gives you a boost of energy.
Me: Hmm…I don’t need that extra stuff. I just want to ensure
that I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need when I skip meals.
Girl: (noticing my dilated pupils) I see. Well, this one will
work well for that, although you need to take it with meals. It gives
you a boost of energy too.
Me: I don’t need a boost of energy. (Thinking: I’ll take other
‘nutritional supplements’ if I’m after a boost of energy) I just want a
good balanced multivitamin with a high bioavailability (I impress
myself sometimes) when I don’t eat meals.
Girl: Oh, this would be perfect then. It’s not meant to be a meal replacement, but the formula does maximize absorption.
Me: Great!


Tweaker’s best friend? I don’t know, but it could be. πŸ™‚ Just look at the size of these monsters!
The pills are huge! It’s pictured next to an A$2 coin as a scale guide.
Marvel at the impressive list of vitamins, minerals and herbs on the
container. Hmm…I’m half marveling and half worried about potential
interactions with other substances. There seems to be a lot of
questionable herbal extracts in there. I’m trusting that your 20 years
of research includes interaction studies with prescription and
recreational drugs, prof.

Hyperbolic adjectives used in the post: unthinkable, unimaginable, jack hammering, pounding, skyrocketing, huge, impressive, marveling.

I am superhuman. The word ‘sleep’ is foreign to me!

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