This blog went thru a period when the posts were very food-centric.
:) This was a trait that jumped transmission media from email to blogs.
I used to pad my emails with what I had for lunch/dinner/whatever and
this also started appearing in my blog when I couldn’t think of
anything to write. Easiest thing in the world, go out with a digicam,
snap your lunch or dinner, and voila – there’s a post to meet your
daily quota. =D This daily thing is something I commit to, because I’ll
like to remember what I did on a certain day, even if it’s nothing.


Well, here’s another one for old times sake, what with the first anniversary and everything. This is the Ragin’ Cajun burger
[] (scroll down a bit), it’s part of McDonald’s New
Tastes Menu which changes every once in a while. I had this for lunch
today. Now usually, the things on the New Tastes Menu are rather
dismal, but not this…this is actually good. Spicy and nice. They are
having a free size-up promotion on the drink if you’re ordering the
Ragin’ Cajun meal with french fries and drinks. This means that when
you order the large meal, the drink becomes huge. Obscenely so. I don’t
know if you can tell from the picture, but it’s much bigger than the
normal large drink. They don’t even normally have it in this size.


And while we’re on the topic of food, here’s the Flake Noir.
Cadbury’s Flake with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It says
“New” but now that I think of it, I distinctly remember having this
last year. Damn those marketing people…taking advantage of my dismal
memory and making me buy stuff that’s not new after all. ;)

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