Hi, it’s me

I’ve been busy with assignments these few days (weeks?). Sleep
deprivation is fun. Watching the toilet bowl water do some fancy
fragment vector graphic effect before when you’re about to take a piss
is interesting indeed. Anyway, I still have some more assignments due
so here’s my (short) day in pictures:

Went to Caulfield to print and hand in one of my assignments. I saw this at the MONSU desk while binding the assignment:


An assortment of free AA batteries in a box saying “Free batteries”.
Generics mostly, but there’s some Sony and Toshiba alkaline ones in
there too. Went to Coles after that to stock up on groceries. Of
course, when I say ‘groceries’, I really mean non essential food items.


Tim Tams are going for A$1.98 (usually A$2.57). The new batch has this promotion going on:


There’s a ticket inside with a nifty layer which you rub to reveal
what’s underneath. After a while, the dark layer forms again and hides
the underlying text. It’s like those novelty lighters with a dark
coating obscuring a model’s naughty bits until you apply heat to it.
Did I win?


Nope. It says “Second chance draw”. I can’t get a good picture coz the layer reforms really quickly.

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