From Sibu, without serotonin


Hey everyone. Just a quick update, this is all personal stuff so if
it’s not something you’re likely to be interested in, ie you’ll rather
be reading trip reports and such, those posts are likely to decrease
exponentially from now on so I’ll be setting up an email form
submission or something to notify people when veritas posts. Anyway,
back to this, finally got the long due haircut yesterday, I feel much
better now. πŸ™‚ Here’s a photos from today, breakfast with my gf:


Still no luck with the old HD, it seems that there’s this big ass
operation going on in Malaysia and there seems to be a distinct lack of
er, unlicenced CDs going around. I only found an old Win XP Home
Edition w/o activation crack and a Win XP Pro w/o SP1 so I still can’t
access the old photos in the other hard disk. Anyway, if you’ve mailed
me during the past week or so and I haven’t replied, please resend the
mail, as I can’t access my other hard disk, thanks! I’m off now,
serotonin levels have been strange as of late, seems like a
rollercoaster ride, unfortunately more downs than ups though. I haven’t
been making my blog rounds too, will do so tonight. See ya.


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