KL Plaza @ 7:10 pm, 29th August 2003


Yeah, I was at the Digi MMS Roadshow. More photos tomorrow, I’m too
tired today…was at the office until 6:30 pm and I only got back at
9:45 pm…Merdeka Day tomorrow = lots of roads blocked and traffic jams
= taxis charging RM 20 just to send me back. I have to go to work again
tomorrow, got some bits of work to finish to help out the Hotlink team.
I will try to reply as many comments as I can before I fall asleep.
There will be a MASSIVE update tomorrow, with posts from both me and
veritas, but don’t go refreshing, it’s only going to be up after
midnight, my host changed their policy, I’m paying for bandwidth
through my ears…biggest referrers are of course Erowid (the bible for
recreational drug users ;)) and Google, sending in around 5000 uniques
each month.

Oh right, my new cell number is 016 204 6669. I’m not using the 016
303 1371 anymore. I wanted 6666 actually, that’s easier to remember,
but of course a number like that would be snapped up early. I was
wondering whether to take 6660 or 6669 and settled for the later. It’s
not that hard to remember, only three digits – 204 and just think
SIXTHseal.com and you’ve got 666 and then a 9, think of it as 69 if you
want. :p A policeman won’t come walking upside down. I’m so unfunny, I
kill myself sometimes.

My active cell phone numbers – 016 869 0110 (Sibu, Sarawak) and 016 204
6669 (KL). Please don’t call the other one, I’m not using that anymore.

I will register a new domain and get hosting for veritas posts and
move all of the drug posts there, that attracts the most visitors. That
would work out to be much cheaper. I’m approaching 10 GB bandwidth this
month, please don’t make it 11 GB or God forbid, 12 GB. I pay US$ 5 for
each GB you know. This is not a free site. I’m sorry for having to say
this, but there’s just two more days, please exercise judicious use of
the F5 key. Thanks! πŸ™‚

Any suggestions for a good domain name? veritas.com is taken by a
huge software company, that’s not an option. I want a fast server, not
one of those slow assed hosting companies who chuck hundreds of site
together. My host is fast, I may open another account for them, but
their bandwidth charges…alamak. I need about 500 MB of space and 1 GB
of bandwidth. Any good hosts (reliable, no less than 99.9% downtime) to

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