Thosai Rawa (Rava Thosai)

Rava Thosai

This was what I had for supper just now at Restoran Ali Maju at
Pusat Bandar Damansara. I saw this sign advertising the availability of
Thosai Rawa (also known as Rava Thosai) when we walked in, so I ordered
that one since I haven’t had it before. The people there were kind, and
welcomed me into the kitchen to take photos.


This is how Rava Thosai is made. The flour mix was poured over the
hot plate and then some onions and other stuff I can’t identify was
sprinkled on top.


The cook with the finished Rava Thosai.


This is what it looks like on the plate. The size of the thing is
quite impressive! It needed a larger rectangle shaped plate to
accommodate it.


The contents of the Rava Thosai – there are two types of onions and
other stuff. It also has a hint of egg when eaten, even though I didn’t
see the cook crack an egg into the thosai at any point. The dish came
with three dips.


Dip #1
This is my favorite one. I’m not sure what it’s called but the taste reminded me of yoghurt.


This is the second dip – dhal with veggies.


Dip #3
The third one is curry.

Here’s a photo of Restoran Ali Maju:


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