KL Monorail

Raja Chulan Station

I took the monorail from Stesen Raja Chulan (it’s practically
outside the building where I work) to Stesen Bukit Bintang today. Yes,
that’s just a station apart. Yes, I could have walked instead. No, it
wasn’t raining. It was drizzing though…for a while at least…
*cough* I just wanted to use the monorail.


Anyway, instead of the 10 am – 3 pm hours the KL Monorail was
running before, it’s now running from 7 am – 8 pm, a much more
practical timetable. However, instead of the RM 1 to any station fare,
it costs at least RM 1.20 now and stations further away costs more,
like how the LRT system works.


Entertain yourself with a photo of a KL Monorail pulling into the station:

KL Monorail

The photos are much smaller and lower in quality (highly compressed)
now due to bandwidth issues. Back on topic, I noticed that there is a
TV channel called “Channel M” at the stations. I would assume the M
stands for Monorail.

Channel M

The channel just shows advertisements, including a disturbing one
involving a tiger and some sheep getting wet…it was a detergent
commercial. Anyway, a monorail pulled up before long and I was aboard
for less than a minute before arriving at Bukit Bintang station.


Stesen Bukit Bintang has an overpass to connect the two platforms
and to get people to the right side of the street (since the platforms
are on opposite sides of a highway). Stesen Raja Chulan has an
underpass instead. Anyway, I went to Bukit Bintang just to go to Sungei
Wang Plaza and get soft Famous Amos cookies.


Cost of trip:
Stesen Raja Chulan -> Stesen Bukit Bintang: RM 1.20
Double Chocolate Chip with Pecan Nut Soft Cookie: RM 3.50
Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nut Soft Cookie: RM 3.50
Stesen Bukit Bintang -> Stesen Raja Chulan: RM 1.20

KL Monorail ticket

Anyway, after getting the cookies (yeah, I really just went to get cookies), I took the monorail back.


A funny thing happened while I was getting back…this old man
strolled up to me and said in a very soft and conspirational whisper:

“asdas asdasdsa sadasda”

“What?” I asked him.

“sadsds asdadas asdasdd”

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you lah. What were you saying again?”

“Lei ga la len mou la ah.”

I looked down. Yes, the old man was indeed right. My zipper was
undone. Oops. Heh. That was funny though, how he walked up to me and
whispered so softly to inform me of the state of undress I was in.
Wait, lemme check what color my underwear is. Okay, done. It’s blue.
Now that’s not very discreet. Very nice old man, to walk up and inform
me like that. 😉

Interior of a monorail

I corrected my zipper orientation inside the monorail. Not too long
after that, I was accosted again, this time by a monorail attendant.
“Encik…”, he went and gestured with the tip of his hand held walkie
talkie at the “No Food/Drink” sign. I was still going at the soft
cookie at that time. 🙂

KL Monorail map

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