Hello November!


I’ve done some minor tweaking on the site to optimize it. Stats
analysis found out that the CSS sixthseal.com is pulling is
ridiculously bloated, so I removed unnecessary functions from it. There
are other aesthetic changes eg trimming the rather long blog list and
adding several blogs into the “More blogs!” that I read but never got
around to adding them. Anyway, the front page links works this way – if
I’ve linked and read you since a long time ago, the link will still be
on the front page. New blogs that I’ve just started reading recently
are added into the expanded list.

The emails for myself and veritas has also been removed to avoid the
site appearing to be too “spammy” too Googlebot. The email links are in
the About pages anyway, which I need to update since it’s way out of
date. The PoTD won’t show up in archive view mode too and neither will
the “Notable Posts”, unless they’re navigated to from a post marked
notable. I’ve rotated the sticky posts somewhat too, there are too
many. BTW, the notable posts are supposed to be the better posts in
sixthseal.com so that was why the decision was made to make it sticky.
It’s still spammy but I’m aiming for SERPs rather than PR anyway.

I’ve also added a copyright notice on every page, it wasn’t clear in
the blog before. There’s also a bit of SEO work done, thanks to Steph
[unadorned.org] of dandruff, a fellow Sarawakian (born there anyway)
who actually replied my email about how she managed to get a PageRank
7. πŸ™‚

Here’s some stats that might be of interest:

October 2003
Unique visits per day: 1397 (average) 2134 (max)

Top 3 referrers: Yahoo, Google, Erowid

#1 search string: kehidupan seorang pramugara yang terlampau (1042)
Permutations of the above accounts for half of the Top 20 keywords, with the other half being drug related search strings.

Unresolved (37%)
Network (18%)
US Commercial (17%)
Australia (9%)
Malaysia (3%)
Singapore (3%)
US Educational (2%)
Canada (2%)
UK (2%)
Japan (1%)
Other (6%)
This is more balanced than previous stats (when I was in Melbourne) where Australian visitors dominates at around 40%.

Bandwidth used:
sixthseal.com – 12 GB
castitas.com – 9 GB

My excess bandwidth bill:
sixthseal.com – 12 GB – 5 GB = 7 GB
castitas.com – 9 GB – 5 GB = 4 GB
Total = 11 GB excess @ US$ 5 per GB
Amount = US$ 55 or RM 209

RM 209 is more than 1/7 of my monthly paycheck. Help! :p

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