Isabelle’s Chicken Sandwich


Ramuan: Roti segar, sayur segar, cili berempah, bawang, lada hitam, lada sulah, majerin.

Does this look familiar? The packaging is similar to the Mega Chicken Delice
[] and it appears to be visually indistinguishable. It’s
made by the same company too and it’s at the same price range. However,
Isabelle’s Chicken Sandwich seems to have superceded Mega Chicken
Delice as the latter could not be found anymore. This is a real shame
because the ingredients are different if you look closely.


Isabelle’s Chicken Sandwich does not have cheese, and it doesn’t
have mayo! Sacrilage! It tastes positively bland in comparison with the
Mega Chicken Delight, which will sadly be missed. The new chicken
sandwich is just too dry and bland compared to the previous one. R.I.P.
Mega Chicken Delice.

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5 thoughts on “Isabelle’s Chicken Sandwich”

  1. I had premium chicken mayo from Isabelle’s Sandwiches and i notice that they dont indicate an expiry date on packed and found out the lettuce is so not fresh also tomato.
    Too bad.As i am not going to purchase any.

  2. Shima: Wow this was so long ago I had to dredge my memories to remember it. Yeah, this is inferior to Mega Chicken Delice. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Mr Jack, i am Yap, the Sales Rep for Isabelle’s Sandwich, how can i assist you? Feel free to contact at 012-6525221 for any assistant, thank you.


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