Nasi lemak with quail eggs


Nasi lemak with quail eggs. Makes for a good dinner, especially with ayam goreng panas:


Must be a drumstick though…gotta be that.

I have a feeling I’m starting to move away from my happy happy joy
joy blog posts to appeal to the masses with the obligatory “Thank you
please come again” polite reply for every comment into a somewhat
sarcastic and generally less palatable online personality. This may be
a permanent transfiguration or just a temporary phase, in the case of
the former, I shall join the ranks of jaded and old skool bloggers, in
the case of the latter, just bear with me. πŸ˜‰ I could manage that
emoticon so fear not, I think it’s the latter, so yeah, I shall be less
than my usual cheery (to you anyway) self for a while and
would be back in force (or something to that effect) in due time!
Regardless, nasi lemak with quail eggs and steamy hot fried chicken
still makes good dinner.

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