Camino Real Blanco and Gold tequila

camino tequila

This, my good friends, is Camino Tequila. It comes in one of the
nicer bottles I’ve seen. The bottle is nicely decorated with a cloth
piece and a sombrero. That’s a “Mexican hat” for those of you who
doesn’t know what a sombrero is. :p Calling it a “Mexican hat” is not
politically correct, sombrero, my friends, sombrero.

camino real

Anyway, this is importado (which I take is imported) from Mexico and
it says Camino Real Blanco tequila. I think it’s really pretty, the way
it’s dressed up. How often do you see a bottle with clothes and a hat?
Not very often. This was acquired at a very premium price of RM 83.50
from a legitimate establishment.

tequila dress

It’s a good thing I’ve hooked up with “duty free” resellers now so
paying such prices would be a thing of the past. Phew. The “duty free
liquor” industry is pretty sophisticated now. They even have fucking
pricelists! I was introduced by a friend (the very same one who showed
me the 3rd mile outlet last time, how bizarre huh?) so yeah, now I’m
paying RM 30 – 45 for normal bottles (JD, Absolut etc, not the premium
XO, cognac stuff obviously).

camino sombrero

It’s very chuggable too, even at room temperature. To be honest, everything is chuggable to me, even 95% alcohol
[], and IMNSHO anyone who needs that lime and salt and
chaser shit are sissies. ;) I would use the word “pussies” but I don’t
want to lose my “G – General audience” rating. Hah, fuck, lost that
ages ago. Seriously though, if one can’t handle chugging distilled
spirits, how the hell are you going to get pissed? I’m not saying that
I’m “harder” or anything absurd like that. It’s just…come on, “Just
neck it”. That could be a catchphrase, as “Better enjoyed with
benzodiazepines” could be another. ;)

P/S – I’ve finished the bottle so please excuse any inappropriate
behavior while I write this post while inebriated. Disclaimer to please
the HRP (Harm Reduction Police) – some people actually believe alcohol
and benzodiazepines would result in an instant one way trip to the
morgue. Happy now? Good.

Update: The fine piece of drunken literature you see above
was written a couple of days ago and I was wondering whether I should
post it at all or condemn it into the Archive Vaults. I
decided to post it since I’ve found a duty free operation so I have to
more photos to add. Here’s the Camino Tequila Gold:

camino gold duty free

My apologies, I drank it before I took a photo of it. Shocking behavior, I’m sure. ;)

I liked the Gold one better, packs a stronger punch.

blanco gold

The “duty free” (aka “Malaysian Duty Not Paid”) ones do not come in
the outfit but it’s only RM 45. Camino Gold goes for RM 45 in the DF
market while the white ones shown above is RM 40. Here’s the two
brother’s side by side. Blanco is empty while Gold is half full (or
half empty, depending on your perspective). ;)

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  7. Hi there,

    Would you be kind enough to guide me the way to your “duty free” store? The one that I buy from charge RM70 per bottle.

  8. Camino Real is RM52 now. I was looking for that jose cuervo stuff, but Penang Duty Free don’t stock that. I didn’t think they had any tequila, it was hidden on a bottom shelf. But the duty-free dude knew where it was and said the gold one was better. Anyway, it seems fine, though I’ve sissified it with triple sec and this lime stuff out of a tin and that will get the job done, no necking required. Okey doke, going to finish the rest of it now. No benzodiazapines, though I did find a tin of maxadamias. Wahey!.

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