Seafood at Petanak, Kuching

petanak central market

This is Petanak Central Market. We went there for seafood last
night. Petanak is another option for Top Spot (?) in the city for
seafood. This place is more down to earth.

petanak 99

We sat at table 99. There was me, Ah Boon, Ah Lung, Miriam and Ah Ann joined us for a while.

poh fah seafood

We ate at Poh Fah Seafood. It had my surname on it. πŸ˜‰ Stall 38.

petanak garlic

Here’s a must for every seafood meal. Raw garlic. Mmm…

petanak chicken

This is the first dish that came out. I think it’s chicken, comprised exclusively of drumsticks.

petanak fried rice

We all had fried rice (goes well with seafood) except Ah Boon (he had steamed rice).

petanak cockles

This is the next dish – cockles. It’s those shells that goes into halves once cooked. It was nice.

petanak us eating

Here is a blurry photo the proprietor took of us. Beer goes well with seafood too.

petanak seafood

This is some tofu dish. Tasted surprisingly nice when you have the munchies. I had two.

petanak oyster pancake

Here is the classic of all seafood meals here – oyster pancake. It’s
crunchy and nice, with oysters in the middle. Best dish of the meal
disregarding the chicken, which should be discarded since it’s not
seafood per se.

petanak cat

Here’s a skinny stray small cute kitten that I found. I swear I
wasn’t holding onto her by force. She liked me, and stayed under my
chair for the rest of the meal. I like her too, very cute and small and

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