Denise – The Wine Shop

denise wine shop

This is Denise, the wine shop in Kuching where there’s a relatively
large selection of wines and a nice ambient atmosphere for drinking. We
went there after the (mis)adventure on Saturday evening. Some other
friends joined us, and we sat there on Saturday night for a while
before going to Earthquake. Here’s a couple of shots of the wine





There are wines to suit every taste and budget, with premium selections as well.

denise interior

This is the interior where there are cigars, snacks and comfy seats
for people to sit around and enjoy their wine. We had some Italian
Cabernet Sauvignon which I promptly forgot the name of. The place is
nice, you can even reserve your seats, go out and have supper and then
come back again.

denise wine bucket

Here’s the wine bucket.

denise us

This is some of us, my apologies, I forgot to take photos of everyone.

I saw a table where there was a group of people openly displaying
and consuming Ecstasy pills with their wine before going clubbing:

denise ecstasy

The audacity! πŸ˜‰ It distracts from the nice clientele this establishment wants to attract.

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1 thought on “Denise – The Wine Shop”

  1. Do you have Peter Vella Delicious Red and Delicious White, boxed wine, in your shop in Kuching?
    If so, how much are they?


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