White Mischief Paradise Gin

white mischeif box

This is a token of appreciation from my friend Ah Ann for assembling
his new hardware, formatting his hard drive and installing a new OS –
half a box of Paradise Gin.

paradise gin jsrl box

It’s 6 x 750 ml bottles of Paradise Gin in a box labeled Johnnie Walker Red Label.

white mischief paradise gin

Each bottle contains White Mischief’s Paradise Gin, a product of
India. This is a photo of the bottle. Notice that the logo at the
bottom looks familiar?

shaw wallace sime darby

It says Shaw Wallace – Established 1886 and bears a remarkable
resemblance to a logo of a certain company here, which I can’t retrieve
from my memory. Sime Darby?

white michief label

Anyway, this gin was manufactured by The Maharashtra Distilleries
Ltd. in Aurangabad, India. This batch made for export outside of India

paradise gin decor

I used to dislike the taste of gin, but I think that my daily heavy
drinking has desensitized my taste buds…everything tastes like vodka
to me…tasteless and chuggable. I could tell that there’s a slight
juniper taste to it though, which I associate with gin, but that’s
about it.

paradise gin details

Anyway, at 42.8% it is very nice indeed. I like the name too. White
Mischief – Paradise Gin. Thanks, Ann! Here at sixthseal.com, a 6 pack
of any distilled liquor is more than welcome. 🙂

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