Throw a whole pig into boiling water

making kueh chap

That’s how you make kueh chap…basically, you pick up a live pig
(you may need help if the pig exceeds a certain size) and throw the
whole animal into a vat of boiling water. Watch it scream and struggle
as it’s being boiled alive. When the pig has stopped moving (you can
establish this by seeing if the water is still churning), drain the
water and chop it up into pieces.

stall 34 kueh chap

This was related to me by a friend as we were eating kueh chap at
Stall 34 in Petanak. He’s kidding of course, but kueh chap does contain
many byproducts of pork as well as pork meat itself. It’s a mix of pig
intestines, stomach, skin (fat), meat with other things like eggs and
tofu. Pig brains and genitalia are considered specialty gourmet items,
so those are obviously not included. The Chinese say every part of the
pig can be eaten except for its bones (though it can be used for soup).

kueh chap petanak

Kueh chap is traditionally made with pork, but hey, you can even throw in a stray dog if you want.

dog kueh chap

I’m sure no one would notice.

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