The longest chicken rice in the world

fang yuen

I have just eaten at the longest chicken rice outlet in the whole
world. I was told that the chicken rice here is the best in Kuching.
It’s called Fang Yuen (opposite Hock Lee Center) and it used to be
located at the old bus stop (or something) until it moved to its new
premises. I was told to go early coz the place is likely to be full, so
we went at 6:30 PM.

It was a sight to behold…the place was indeed full, and we were
lucky to secure a seat outside. I noticed that everyone was

fang yuen no chicken

Waiting for chicken rice. Except there was none, only neatly stacked plates…

fang yuen lonely broth

Broth simmering in a lonely manner….

Thus we waited…everyone had drinks ordered and were just waiting
for the chicken rice to arrive. This was starting to look rather absurd
to me…this had better be good chicken rice, I told my friend. It took
one hour (and two drinks) before the van carrying the chicken rice

the eagle has landed

They unloaded the goods…and now we have…

fang yuen chicken


There was a flurry of activity and suddenly our chicken rice arrived.

fang yuen drumstick

The chicken

fang yuen chicken rice

The rice

fang yuen sauces

The three sauces

i pity the fools

The poor people who didn’t arrive early enough to secure a seat and had to resort to take away.

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3 thoughts on “The longest chicken rice in the world”

  1. Nowadays no need to queue up for seats anymore. They’ve expanded and operating in two shop lots. So, the place is bigger, but still need to wait patiently to be served and takes awhile for the chicken rice to reach your table. Only one “chopper” with many servers. lol..
    Still, their chicken & char siew rice is one of the best in Kuching! Their sambal is still the best lah..

  2. annna: Nice! I passed by this place when we were in 360 hotel, it’s just behind the place.
    Haha! Yeah, I remember it takes AGES to arrive one, really need a lot of patience to eat here.
    Yup, I totally loved their sauces too! πŸ™‚


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