30 minute crispy noodles

30 min crispy noodles

This plate of crispy noodles took 30 minutes to arrive. I was having
lunch with a co-worker and we both had to go to the bank so we ordered
crispy noodles, which is probably the fastest turnaround dish since the
kolo mee stall it having an off day. Crispy noodles are the pre-fried
noodles that comes…well, crispy and the cook just needs to prepare
the sauce and pour it over the noodles. It’s a really good noodle dish,
the contrast of the crispy and soggy noodles with the hot sauce
combines to create an unusual but tasty texture. The thing about crispy
noodles is, it doesn’t get soggy unless you purposely push it down into
the sauce.

Anyway, back to the long turnover, it was due to a large family
(complete with elders, heaps of young children and the obligatory
Indonesian maid) taking up two big tables and ordering heaps of food. I
think there should be a law banning these diners from eating at places
frequented by office workers during lunch hour.

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