Kapak (axe) brandi (brandy)

kapak brandi

This is Kapak brandy – a locally made (Klang, Selangor) brandy that
retails for RM 16.10. That makes it a mid priced liquor, perfect for
the middle of the month. ;) The beginning of the month starts with
premium brands (JD, Absolut, Johnnie Walker etc) and the end of the
month is delegated to budget distilled spirits (Langkau, Longhouse
etc). I wouldn’t say I have a drinking problem, though that can be
attributed to denial, since I drink every day. ;)

Anyway, distilled spirits are best consumed on an empty stomach –
that’s my daily routine…get home from work, take a variety of
benzodiazepines (the usual is 20 mg nitrazepam, 4 mg clonazepam and 2
mg alprazolam) and drink before getting something to eat. No, this is
not in the interests of harm minimization but if I’m worried
about stomach ulcers (er…already have them) or brain damage (meth did
that already), I would have stopped my crystal meth consumption…and I
never did. :p I don’t expect to live a long life, carpe diem and all
that cliche shit.

I couldn’t be bothered with taking pictures since I got home from
work at 7:30 PM (there was a client) so I just made a video post:

Kapak brandi [sixthseal.com]
9.63 ZIP file, which contains a .mov file. Requires Apple Quicktime.


Hey, you’re watching sixthseal.com and this is Cap Kapak…a locally made whisky…er, a locally made brandy.
It says “Brandi sebatian” – a reconstituted brandy or a mixture of
brandy…its RM 16.10, pretty cheap, and it contains 37% alcohol.
Make me forget…coz I’ve had a shitty day…and…
It’s just like…it tastes pretty good actually.

I’m pretty tired from not having enough sleep (coffee, ya know ;))
and I just had an argument with my gf (so what else is new?) and I had
a pretty shitty day in general. That has all changed now though, I’m
feeling borderline normal…in fact, I’ll go so far as to say that I’m
feeling semi good. :) Yes, I can type while under the influence of
alcohol…people who act all fucked up and shit on alcohol irks me to
no end.

Alcohol and benzodiazepines…for the times when you can’t afford meth to feel like God or ketamine to escape into dreams.

Disclaimer: alcohol and benzodiapines may cause CNS depression
(leading to death) so caution is adviced for inexperienced users
attempting to leverage on the synergy from multiple CNS depressants.

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