Rivotril 2 mg clonazepam

roche rivotril 2mg
“A good doctor never disappoints!”

I will be flying back to Kuching later today and I have sorted out
most of the things I intended to do, including a visit to my favourite
medical practitioner in the whole wide world! He never disappoints, as
usual. =D He took one look at me and recognized me! He knew what I was
here for and he giveth with open arms (or flowing bottles rather). Heh.

never go wanting again

I will not be telling you the exact number of 2 mg Roche Rivotril
clonazepam tablets I got from him, on the account that it is not a wise
thing to divulge, both for his professional integrity and my personal
interests. I will reveal that the number of tablets is in the 3 digits
though. ;) Naturally, the price tag is in the 3 figure ballpark as
well, but I get a legitimate script for it, so there’s the value added

I love this doctor. He never asks me any inane questions about my
psychiatric health and never raises an eyebrow regarding the number of
tablets I request for. He’s also very kind in making sure that all the
paperwork is done correctly, so if there’s anyone in customs planning
to inspect me, I have but five words for you:

“I have a doctor’s prescription”


I’ll reply all comments when I arrive in Kuching later tonight, have
to do some…er, “creative packing” to make all my items appear
legitimate. Not that I have anything I shouldn’t have in my effects,
mind. I have consumed everything I obtained from my pharmacy
friend/relative, leaving only legitimate doctor’s prescriptions. Till
then, wish me a safe flight!

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  7. Hello I am a of the Iraq patient with epilepsy and Atdaoy treated since 2000 rivotril 2 mg but does not now Fannie I needed Please reply quickly and where you can be and why it is sold in pharmacies. Thank

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