What are you on?

medication hb

I’m currently on:

Prozac (fluoxetine) 20 mg

medication prozac

This is Thailand Prozac coz I ran out of Prozac while in Bangkok and had to get my gf to go to a drugstore (chemist/pharmacy) to get it for me at Siam Square. It cost 1100 baht (about RM 110) for a single blister pack of 20 mg Prozac so its more expensive than Malaysia.

medication prozac thai

I take from 2 to 7 capsules every morning (about 40 mg to 120 mg) with an average of 5 capsules (100 mg) for my depression. I know, it’s bad to self-medicate but I’ve been on it for months now and it’s doing me good.

Remeron SolTab (mirtazepine) 15 mg

medication remeron

Remeron SolTab is the new orodispersible (meaning it dissolves in your mouth) version of mirtazepine, another antidepressant which I take at night.

medication remeron soltab

Remeron helps me sleep as well, so I can lower down my nightly dose of benzodiazepines for my insomnia/anxiety.

medication remeron tab

I take one tablet at night with my antipsychotic medication (Risperdal) before I go to sleep. It’s supposed to help with my depression too.

Rivotril (clonazepam) 2 mg

medication rivotril

Rivotril is the only benzodiazepine that I’m taking now – I’m on a taper plan for this too. I take 2 x 2 mg (4 mg of clonazepam) at night for my benzo dependency and I’m trying to get it down to 2 mg within three months.

Risperdal (risperidone) 2 mg

medication risperdal

Risperdal is an antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia. My psychiatrist says that I have unusual thoughts and my gf reckons that it’s used to treat my manic phases.

medication risperdal tab

I take one and half tablets every night with my Remeron for 3 mg of Risperdal daily. Risperdal has a nasty side effect that I noticed – it is very difficult to orgasm when steady state plasma concentrations have been reached.

What medication(s) are you on?


Sedating Sibu

huygens sibu

I woke up bright and early this morning to visit the good doctor. He
opens very early, and I dropped in before I was due for my appointment.
As always, the good doctor doesn’t disappoint. πŸ˜‰ I told him I am
working in Kuching now and asked for a bottle (500 tablets) of 2 mg
Rivotril (clonazepam).

huygens clonazepam

He said its fine, since I don’t come in often (his words). That’s
largely because I’m based in Kuching. Heh! Anyway, the shocking bit was
when the doctor asked the nurse (whom I suspect is his wife) how much
they charge for Rivotril:

Doctor: How much did we charge for Rivotril 2 mg?
Nurse: It’s RM 1.50 per tablet.
Doctor: RM 1.50? (puzzled tone)
Me: (thinking) You’re ripping me off…that’s double the usual price, but what can I do? πŸ™‚
Doctor: It’s RM 1.50.
Me: Okay, can I have 500 tablets? Just the whole bottle of Rivotril 2 mg coz I’m working in Kuching.
Doctor: Sure, you don’t come in often anyway, and you’re working in Kuching, so that’s fine.
Me: Thanks!

huygens pintu gerbang

Hmph…that nurse…you price raising person, you…I had to pay RM
750 for the bottle. I also had to sign on a book with different Rx
scripts under Rivotril due to the amount I was acquiring. Strange,
never had to do that before, but the nurse said it’s necessary due to
bulk. Oh well, it’s just a signature anyway. It’s cool though, I don’t
mind, that bottle is going to sort me out for a while. Sedating Sibu…

Rivotril 2 mg clonazepam

roche rivotril 2mg
“A good doctor never disappoints!”

I will be flying back to Kuching later today and I have sorted out
most of the things I intended to do, including a visit to my favourite
medical practitioner in the whole wide world! He never disappoints, as
usual. =D He took one look at me and recognized me! He knew what I was
here for and he giveth with open arms (or flowing bottles rather). Heh.

never go wanting again

I will not be telling you the exact number of 2 mg Roche Rivotril
clonazepam tablets I got from him, on the account that it is not a wise
thing to divulge, both for his professional integrity and my personal
interests. I will reveal that the number of tablets is in the 3 digits
though. πŸ˜‰ Naturally, the price tag is in the 3 figure ballpark as
well, but I get a legitimate script for it, so there’s the value added

I love this doctor. He never asks me any inane questions about my
psychiatric health and never raises an eyebrow regarding the number of
tablets I request for. He’s also very kind in making sure that all the
paperwork is done correctly, so if there’s anyone in customs planning
to inspect me, I have but five words for you:

“I have a doctor’s prescription”


I’ll reply all comments when I arrive in Kuching later tonight, have
to do some…er, “creative packing” to make all my items appear
legitimate. Not that I have anything I shouldn’t have in my effects,
mind. I have consumed everything I obtained from my pharmacy
friend/relative, leaving only legitimate doctor’s prescriptions. Till
then, wish me a safe flight!

So long, and thanks for all the fish

2 mg of clonazepam (Rivotril, Klonopin)

rivotril 5mp

That’s all it takes for non benzo tolerant people to tell the truth.

This is NOT “date rape” – the media shock term for drug facilitated
sexual assault, since no sexual activities took place under the
influence at all. I’ll be brutally honest here and state that I don’t
need that in order to get some at all. This is merely a means for
certain susceptible non-benzodiazepine tolerant people (an adult who
willingly consumed it, having some past experience with benzos (albeit
all supplied by yours truly, but every single time was willingly taken
by the subject), knowing what it is, and what it’s effects are) to tell
the truth about everything, with a heavily benzodiazepine tolerant and
still sober person to steer the conversation along that path. I feel
the exact same way about you…it was just the novelty, like all the
ones in my past. It’s just that, no matter what your “heart” tells you,
trust me.

I’m not sober except for 8 am – 5 pm weekdays and 8 am to 12:30 pm
on Saturday, and that’s the truth. However, with my experience with
these substances and my high tolerance, I can take excessive amounts
with alcohol and certain hydroponics produce without being totally out
of it. I can make myself relax, but I can also make myself sober just
like that *snaps fingers* despite the potentiating substances. My
apologies…my manipulative (to call a spade a spade) ways ensures that
I got out of the deal a great deal better than you did. I’m sure you
can understand, since you’re a player yourself.

[Edit: Photo removed. Lapse of judgement, as always.]

I just want permanent (photographic) memories if that’s what you’re wondering. No offence. I just love memories.

The missing doctor shopping episode


This is Doctor Shopping #2 Kuching Edition aka The Missing Episode.
Yes, this is a filler post coz I’m very busy today, so it’ll be a short
one. You may have heard me mentioning about this weekly refill before.

2 mg clonazepam (Rivotril) in the mornings.

2 x 1 mg lorazepam (Ativan) at night.

Thus, I’m getting 2 mg clonazepam (Roche branded) and 2 x 1 mg (2
mg) lorazepam (generic Lorans) daily from this doctor. You can see that
I’ve actually dipped into the clonazepam stash before taking the
photos, my apologies, sometimes there are emergencies and clonazepam is
my favorite high availability benzodiazepine with alprazolam running a
very close second. I’m actually not allowed to write about doctor
shopping anymore, due to orders from my significant other, but this is
the missing episode so that’s the end of it.

I’m busy today so all comments will be replied tomorrow. Your patience is appreciated and thanks for visiting sixthseal.com. πŸ˜‰

Newsflash: Another clinic hit by notorious doctor shopper veritas

Sarawak, MY. 29th February 2004. Leaping into the new leap year, the
city of Kuching today saw another clinic issuing a permanent script for
benzodiazepines to veritas, a seasoned doctor shopper who has managed
to obtain multiple legitimate scripts for restricted items as diverse
as dexamphetamine (which is the dextro isomer of the potent stimulant
amphetamine) to various benzodiazepines, including flunitrazepam
(Rohypnol, the so called “date rape drug”) at the same time in the past.

drk front

He has emigrated to the city of Kuching and successfully procured 2
mg of clonazepam (better known as Rivotril or Klonopin) and 10 mg of
diazepam (the chemical name for Valium), infinitely renewable every two
weeks in his latest exploit, which he called “Doctor Shopping Kuching
Edition Issue #5”. The dazed doctor was left saying vaguely “Someone
came in and said he has social phobia, is new to Kuching, has been on
benzos for years and told me what he was prescribed.”

“I don’t really know what happened after that. I think I tried to
change his script to antidepressants but he knew all about SSRIs, NARIs
and tricyclics, taking the words out of my mouth before I’ve even
formed them. He even knew about Buspar and said it made him feel even
worse before I wanted to suggest it. Before I knew it, I found myself
docilely writing out what he wanted and asked him to come back every
two weeks. I even asked him if he wanted an extra 2 mg of clonazepam! I
can’t remember what happened, just wisps of memories, but I know he
somehow convinced me to write a permascript for him…very persuasive
but polite young man though”, he added.

drk back

We asked medical professionals about their opinion in this new
development. One doctor, who only wanted to be known as Dr. Lah (names
changed to protect the innocent) said “I hate that motherfucker! He’s
undermining the credibility of medical professionals like us and
flaunting his exploits on the Internet! I found several blister packs
of Dormicum missing during my stock take…I bet he’s the one who
bribed…er, nevermind.”, and fell silent. When asked whether he knew
that veritas’s sister is also a doctor practicing in Christchurch, New
Zealand, he immediately asked “Really? How old is she? Pretty or not?”,
while the 70 year old, small statured man worked on discreetly removing
his wedding ring.

One doctor, on the condition of anonymity, was quoted as saying “I
don’t really mind at all. I’ll like to welcome veritas and all the
people like him to my friendly clinic. You know lah, nowadays in
Kuching, you throw one stone, you’re bound to hit two doctors on the
head. Hard to make ends meet you know! I rather eng eng and just take
in clients, I mean, patients like veritas, in and out, script
him and off he goes. I don’t care for those people with real ailments.
I mean yuck…plus there’re not loyal some more. Only come when they’re
sick. Hmph! How can generate consistent revenue stream like that? I
like people like veritas who comes in every two weeks for a guaranteed
income, er…I mean, to help him with his condition. I’ll like to take
this opportunity to tell everyone that yes, there are understanding
doctors out there! Call me ya!”

drk diazepam
Generic APO 10 mg diazepam

Another doctor added “I’ll like to see him try that shit with me,
I’ll hoot him upside down, then he know!” The doctor later requested
that his name not be published.

We also interviewed some passerby’s for their opinion regarding this
issue. The first one, Hee Poh Krit vehemently denounced veritas’s
actions, saying that his shenanigans makes it harder for “legitimate
people suffering from anxiety to get benzodiazepines”. He refused to
comment further when asked whether he’s on benzodiazepine therapy, only
saying, “I take these things strictly according to the doctor’s
instructions coz I would feel bad otherwise”, in a high and mighty,
self righteous tone before hurrying away.

The next civilian, called Koh Pee Kat also condemned the activities,
though he ended his statement by saying, “Er…actually, I only know
that there’s a cheaper alternative to 5 zai (the local slang for black
market Erimin 5, a tablet containing the benzodiazepine nimetazepam)
after reading sixthseal.com and castitas.com. I dunno a benzo from a
banzai before being enlightened and I now use his techniques to doctor
shop. I don’t want to give him credit coz he’s my competition now. Even
though you can say he’s my guru.”, he added, hanging his head.

drk roche 2
Roche brand name 2 mg Rivotril tablets.

Another bystander, when asked for his opinion, merely said “Har? Lu kong hamik? Wa beh hiaw tiah ang moh.”

We finally managed to get hold of veritas and he only had this to
say: “Eh, help me keep track of my perma scripts okay? Dr Y (C) for 2
mg clonazepam and 2 mg lorazepam daily, refill every Saturday, Dr N (S)
for 30 mg phenobarbital and 10 mg diazepam daily, refills every other
Sunday and Dr K (K) for 2 mg clonazepam and 10 mg diazepam daily, go
for refills every alternate Saturday. Got it? Oh, and if I forget,
remind me first letter is the name of the doctor and second letter is
for the area. Thanks! Appreciate your help!”

When asked whether he knew that possessing multiple scripts is
illegal, he literally disappeared, leaving nothing but a person bearing
a remarkable resemblance to him who insists he’s not veritas but “Huai
Bin” and when asked about veritas, said “Who the hell is he and why
should we care for him?” before making a quick exit.

We do not know where or when the elusive veritas will resurface again, but we can be sure of one thing – he will strike again.

– sixthseal.com news

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