Eden Inn

eden inn

Eden Inn promises 7 virgins upon check in as part of their
hospitality service. This inn of milk and honey claims to be the first
in the industry to provide this kind of service.

eden inn interior

I’m kidding of course, they do nothing of that sort. I just noticed
that a new inn has sprouted in the building beside the Sacred Heart
Roman Catholic church and asked if they’re affiliated with the church.
It turns out that it was owned and operated by the church at
first but now it’s outsourced and the church only holds a 3% share in
the inn, the receptionist told me.

eden lawrence dunno

I was surprised when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Lawrence,
my girlfriend’s younger brother. He was there with his friend, who is
staying at Eden Inn. I was introduced to his friend, but I didn’t get
the name. Benzo memory.

eden me dunno

This is me and his friend. All I remember is that she’s from Miri
and working in the F&B sector there. She happens to be staying at
the inn, talk about a coincidence. I had to run coz of work though, so
I couldn’t stay to chat.

I did not follow them up to see if the rooms of the inn do indeed provide the said 7 virgins.

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