huygens sibu second

I’m flying off to Sibu again tonight to coordinate and oversee
another deployment. It’s a short notice trip, I only knew yesterday and
the company gave me the tickets today. I’m going off tonight, my
apologies for not having time to reply the comments and post more, I’ve
got a lot of work to do. Jasmine, please email me again, coz there’s a
huge amount of mail to sort through and I can’t find yours.

Update: Kuching’s most exciting police chase just
passed by and I missed it!!! It’s the photographer’s worse nightmare,
five police patrol cars with sirens and lights flashing, chasing two
people on a motorbike. The police were armed, and pointing at the
fleeing culprits (from what I don’t know) but they didn’t shoot. I ran
down, digicam in hand, just in time to catch two patrol cars with a
police leaning out with a firearm in the first and the suspects in
front, and pressed the shutter release…and it told me “Card not
present”. I left my CF card in the card reader upstairs.

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