Hui Sing Hawker Center

hui sing

Hui Sing Hawker Center in Hui Sing Garden is one of the most popular
hawker centers in Kuching. I used to frequent this place when I was
studying in Inti College last time, and it’s been a long while since I
revisited this nostalgic food center, so I went back with a couple of
friends last night.

hui sing my home

This is My Home Fast Food which serves chap fun or mixed
rice, which is also called economy rice, fast food, amongst other
things. Basically, you get a plate of white rice and you choose from
the variety of dishes available.

hui sing fast food

This is the very same place which I used to frequent and it has been
in business for a long time. They have a wide variety of choices and
IMHO, it’s the best one in Hui Sing Hawker Center.

hui sing cutlery

The cutlery from this stall is available from a hot water soaker,
pictured above. It contains fairly hot water, so it’s a good idea to
fish out the spoons and forks instead of reaching in with your fingers.

hui sing white lady

Hui Sing Garden also has very novel drinks, the most popular one
being a concoction called “White Lady”. It’s a mixture of lemon,
pineapple, laici, sago pearls and lime, with milk holding the whole
concoction together. It’s divine, and very deserving of it’s moniker.

hui sing cuttle

This is cuttlefish with vegetables, a popular side dish that one of
my friends ordered. This implementation is good – they slather the
cuttlefish and veggies with the sauce and grounded peanuts instead of
putting the sauce on the side.

hui sing cuttle mix

This is what it looks like after it’s been mixed. You have to mix it around to cover everything.

hui sing satay

The satay over at Hui Sing is also pretty good. It comes with the standard cucumbers, raw onion slices and ketupat.

hui sing food

This is what my dish looks like – I had pork leg, sweet and sour pork and stuffed bitter gourd.

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