It has begun…again…

sega2 banner

It has returned…just when I thought it was gone for good, it came back. It came back from the dead…

sega2 walls

The Sega2 Mini Video Games promotional tie in with McDonald’s is on
again, I bought and reviewed the whole first series with the exception
of one, and I knew about this promo too late…the first one is sold

sega2 display

I managed to get the two that were available, and the store manager
told me she has one of the first sold out ones, and I offered her RM 50
for a mint condition one. She told me to wait 15 minutes and got her
brother to send it to McDonalds. It didn’t have the packaging though,
so I said I’ll give her RM 30, and she accepted.

Three down, three to go. I’ll do a whole review just like last time
(the first Sega promo is in the Best of archives),
starting Monday.

cheap shiraz

I got a cheap bottle of Shiraz Cabernet from the change. Hey, she
said it was in mint condition and it didn’t even come with the spiffy
box and manual. :p She was happy with the deal too, and so am I.
Packaging or no packaging, I’m determined to have a complete set this

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