Jade Pot Tea House

jade pot tea house

I’ve often passed by this eating establishment, coz the place to pay
utility bills here is just beside it, but I’ve never been there for
lunch before. I went today with my coworker for lunch.

jade ambience

The ambience of the place is alright, it’s pretty crowded during
lunch hour and the popularity of this place surprised me. The cuisine
is self-dubbed Taiwanese.

jade counter bar

This is the main counter. I found the mix of ancient Chinese tea cups and wine glasses to be pretty odd…

jade drunken lady

I had a concoction called Drunken Lady for my drink. I can’t
establish what is inside i.e. what it’s made of, but Bernice says she
tasted Ribena, but I didn’t.

jade taiwan beef noodles

This is what I ordered for my main meal – Taiwanese Style beef
noodles. It was recommended by the waitress as being their flagship
dish and the most popular one. It was alright, but nothing to write
home about.

jade spicy noodles

This is what Bernice had – Spicy noodles. We both agreed that it
wasn’t spicy enough. It seems that we’re similar in this sense…we
like to eat ultra spicy food. Heh!

jade bernice me

Jade Pot Tea House. Pay your utility bills and eat at the same time!

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