Rasa Ayamas Arabian Delight

ra kl sentral

Arabian Delight is the new offering by Rasa Ayamas and it retails at
RM 7.50 for a meal consisting of 2 pieces of Arabian Delight and
crinkle fries.

ra arabian delight

Here’s what it looks like. It’s actually something like a KFC
Twister being cut in two so it’s really one piece instead of two.
Arabian Delight is also served with secret Dakkous Sauce, whatever that

ra arabian close

Here’s a closer look at Arabian Delight. The meat is nestled
underneath so you can’t actually see it. The wrap is warm while the
filling is cold. It didn’t taste all that good to me.

This is the last KL post, I had this at KL Sentral before flying
back to Kuching. I’ve cleared all the backlogs. Posting will go back to
real time as of now. πŸ˜‰

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