df-118 pack

These beauties are manufactured by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline – the
pharmaceutical giant). DF 118, as it’s fondly referred to, have opiate
agonist properties, which makes it recreational. However, I am strongly against off label use. I bought a bottle off my pharmacy friend due to my…er, recurring migraines. ;)

df-118 bottle

There are some people who prefer codeine over dihydrocodeine (DHC).
Personally, I find that DHC is qualitatively stronger on an mg to mg
comparison and it has a strange slight stimulant quality, which makes
it better than codeine, IMHO.

df-118 tablets

I got a bottle (500 tablets) of 30 mg DF 118 for RM 400. It usually
sells for RM 1 each, but as with all things, bulk purchases come with
discounts. ;)

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12 Responses to “DF 118 – Dihydrocodeine (DHC) tartrate tablets 30 mg”

  1. Hello.. where i can get this DF 118 – Dihydrocodeine (DHC) tartrate tablets 30 mg?? help me!

  2. nel: In Malaysia? You can’t, unless you find old stock from pharmacies. It’s been made illegal in 2007. Caught me by surprise when I got out of rehab too.

  3. Release in some clinic area KB around april-may 2010, after green dicongesic out of stock for 1week, rm2 per tab..

  4. Release in some clinic area KB around april-may 2010, after green dicongesic out of stock for 1week, rm2 per tab..

  5. exParalgin Forte: Yup, Dicogesic – the Malaysian generic DF118. Interesting information, care to elaborate in email?
    Not that I’m interested of course. Just curious. :)

  6. before i’ve used these df118,decogesic tablet,suncodin or decodine,i’ve taken codiene phosphate in a form of liquid for dry and unproductive cough and comes with many trade name such as procodin,tussedyl,macodrine,hosedy,promedyl,sedilix etc.after the goverment has banned this cough syrup and put in the poison act,since that i’used dihydrocodiene.i want to ask that as a civilian like me can or not if i’ve want to buy this df118 in a large quantity for example like 500 or 1000 tablets and if yes could anybody show me where can i purchase it in kuala lumpur,

  7. maybe Area KB rm4 – Rm5 Per Tablet.. :-)

  8. He who tends to make frequent complaint will get little compassion.

  9. hye,bro i want DF 118.. how?

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