Kafe Pelangi

kafe pelangi

Kafe Pelangi is located at Choice Super Mall in Kota Semariang. I’ve been having my lunch there for three days in a row.

Lunch – Day #1

pelangi day 1

This is what I had for the first day – nasi campur, tapai and kopi peng.

pelangi tapai

Here’s a closer look at the tapai. It tasted sour…a bit too sour. I assume it’s been left out there for a bit too long…

pelangi nasi campur

This is what I had for nasi campur (mixed rice) – curry chicken, brinjals cooked with chilli and a pumpkin/vegetable mix.

Lunch – Day #2

pelangi day 2

This is lunch on the second day. I just went for Malay style chicken
rice coz we were in a hurry. I also had two pieces of fried mini spring
rolls and a coke.

pelangi spring roll

The mini spring rolls were vegetarian and costs RM 0.30 each. It’s alright I guess…at least it’s not sour. ;)

pelangi chicken rice

Here’s a close up of the chicken rice. Nothing to write home about. It’s chicken. It’s rice.

Lunch – Day #3

pelangi day 3

This is the third and last day we ate at Kafe Pelangi. I had Mee Jawa, a sandwich, a piece of kueh and coke.

pelangi sandwich

Here’s a closer look at the sandwich. We see that it’s a sardine, cucumber and egg sandwich.

pelangi kueh

This is the kueh – it tasted sweet, with a dusting of something salty at the end.

pelangi mee jawa

This is the Mee Jawa. It tasted good, spicy and nice.

I think this is probably one of the more thorough reviews I’ve done
on an eating establishment that is, to call a spade a spade,
substandard. ;)

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