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Malaysia Boleh! Jenama Bangsa Malaysia (The Brand of the People of
Malaysia). This is a relatively new entry into the cigarette market –
John cigarettes.

john cigarettes

I found it in a coffee shop somewhere. It’s wholly made and owned by
a Malaysian Company. I just hope Phillip Morris don’t file a lawsuit
based on the er…similarities, shall we say, with their respective logos.

john cigs

It currently only comes in one variety, no menthols, no lights, but
that’s not an issue since I don’t go for those. It only costs RM 2.80,
around half the price of “premium” cigarettes like Marlboro and Dunhill.

john cigarettes my

It has the “MY” silk print on it – Malaysia recently launched a
campaign to get rid of all unlicenced cigarettes by imposing fines on
both retailers and end users and this affected the low income bracket
market by removing low cost cigarettes like Rave from the shelves.

It looks like that void is filled now, with these Malaysian made
cigarettes. I personally found it pleasant, somewhat like
Marlboros…for half the price. Two other test subjects reported
“sharpness” and an “acidity”, respectively, which I also noted, but
hey, it costs half the price of Marlboros. I think I’ll stick to
Marlboros though, but I’m just telling you, if you’re not choosy, you
might like John cigarettes.

…and er, support Malaysian made goods. ;)

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