It’s my birthday today, but don’t wish me a happy birthday

It’s my birthday today. 5th of April, 1981 was the time I came into
this world. Birthdays can be time for celebration and it can be time
for contemplation as well. I’m going to go for the latter this year.

I’m going to be brutally honest and address one particular issue that needs to be resolved immediately:

bday meth iv 1

Download: Methamphetamine IV video []

I had become the typical meth fiend. The Mr. Hyde to the Dr. Jekyll.
You want to dig up dirt on me? Don’t bother, I’ll save you the time –
it’s all here for all to see. I have a methamphetamine problem – and
it’s not a small one. I always reach for the needle compulsively. I’m
an IDU (Intravenous Drug User) and I’m going to admit it. I hear it’s
the first step to quitting.

The audio and video has been compressed from the original 180 MB and
224 MB file respectively so there are some quality compromises. It
still gets the message through though…

bday meth iv 2

Download: Methamphetamine compulsive use []

This is the second time in 5 minutes that I shot up (three times, to
be exact). I had become so scattered, so fucked up and spun the fuck
out that I didn’t even notice I was shooting up the “wrong way” during
the second time (should be pointing towards me for a faster onset). I
probably wouldn’t have cared even if I knew.

I was just rolling on the high, looking for the next high, wanting the next shot, wanting to be high, high, high again.

I know the videos are going to be disgusting and off-putting. I have
received photos of tweakers doing their thing and it puts me off. I
realize that these videos are going to disgust and horrify some of you
too…but I’m putting it up anyway, coz it’s a realistic look into a
life of an IV meth user.

There were only two birthday cards for me this year – one from my
sister and one from my parents. I’ve neglected a lot of my friends and
also my gf. I realized that a long time ago but never took steps to
take care of it. I’ve put methamphetamine as #1 in my life and that has
cost me a lot. It’s a wake up call for me.

I’m quitting methamphetamine. I know I’ve said that many times
before but hopefully this year will be a new start. I’m 24 now for
fucks sake; it’s time to get with the program…

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5 thoughts on “It’s my birthday today, but don’t wish me a happy birthday”

  1. Colin T.: Well, it’s here, ain’t it? πŸ˜‰
    Zach: LOL! My archives is gonna come back and haunt me, I’m sure of it. Haha!


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