Susu Kambing (Goat’s Milk) quaint cottage industry

susu kambing here

Susu kambing or fresh goat’s milk is available at a
cottage industry located about 100 meters away from the Petra Jaya toll
station. I’ve seen the small “Susu Kambing” sign with a goat image and
an arrow asking customers to drive down the gravel driveway at the
stall, but never did drop in until this morning.

susu kambing farm

I’m glad I did – the place has the charm of a small cottage
industry…there’s an enclosure where the goats are kept, I would
estimate that there’s a total of 20 or so goats in total. Look at the
second goat burying its head into the feed container. ๐Ÿ™‚

susu kambing owner

I went early in the morning so I had to call into the open house
that’s in front of the enclosure where the goats are kept. One woman
peeked out and I asked her if goat milk is available. She replied in
the affirmative and asked me how many bottles I want.

susu kambing bottle

I went for one bottle – it’s a 300 ml bottle with indicator lines
running along the side, like it was some kind of medicine bottle. She
poured it into this bottle from a huge jug of fresh goat milk. It’s RM
13 per bottle (!). That’s very expensive milk…

susu kambing good

It’s good though, the goat milk tastes nice and fresh, though I felt
like a cough medicine addict chugging down my codeine from that
unfortunately designed bottle. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nevertheless, I like the quaint feel
of the operation and the goat milk really tastes different from the
bovine equivalent – it’s good.

susu kambing alpha

Drink my milk, puny humans! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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