voodoo jelly drink supermarket

Voodoo Jelly is called “The Jelly That You Can Drink” and comes in a
wide variety of flavors with zany names like Jungle Lime and Raspberry
Rage. It retails for RM 2.30 each at your friendly neighborhood
Carrefour – I got mine at the one in Mid Valley Megamall.

voodoo jelly drink

I went for the Raspberry Rage and Wildberry Wipeout flavors. Voodoo
Jelly is made of almost solid jelly and comes with the pop-up top
that’s common in Australian drink products. Voodoo Jelly is made by The
Original Juice Co. in Victoria, Australia. I used to get my orange
juice from this manufacturer when I was in university there too.

voodoo jelly 1

Download: Voodoo Jelly 1 [sixthseal.com]

voodoo jelly 2

Download: Voodoo Jelly 2 [sixthseal.com]

Here’s two videos of me drinking the jelly in the hotel room in
Cititel, Mid Valley. You have to tilt your head a bit to see what’s
going on, sorry about that. :p

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7 Responses to “Voodoo Jelly – The Jelly That You Can Drink”

  1. do they still have this now.. Tried it in 1999 in spore. (:

  2. do they still have this now.. Tried it in 1999 in spore. (:

  3. Lyana: Hmm…I don’t know. I tried it 2005 in KL when I was working in Kuching.

  4. do they still have it?
    I loved drinking this when i was younger
    if they do, can you tell me where?
    Thank you

  5. Julian: I’m not too sure bro, had this a good 5 years ago. :)
    I haven’t seen it around anymore though.

  6. I don’t think they sell this product anymore in Malaysia . I seriously miss this drink.

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