5th of April, 2006 is my birthday

birthday 2006

I celebrated my birthday yesterday (5th of April, 2006) by sleeping
the whole day. I wasn’t on anything…I was just depressed in general.
I’m 25 this year. I think my birthdays are not meant to be celebrated,
as is the trend as of late, if last year’s birthday [sixthseal.com] is of any indication.

birthday box 2006

Louisa sent me a huge box filled with stuff from Sibu and a card
(sent separately) which says “Our lives have taken different paths, but
I still remember the days gone by…I think of you often and reminisce
over the special times we shared. I will treasure those memories, but
time goes on and things do change, the one thing that will never change
is the warm feelings I have for you.”

birthday box blanket 2006

There is a blanket inside for me to use when I’m cold from opiate withdrawals…

birthday box toy 2006

There is a soft toy that sings “Happy Birthday” coz she’s not here to sing it for me…

birthday box others 2006

There is a box of apple juice (for my nutritional use, or for
acidifying my stomach so oral opioids do not work so well, I would
never know ;)), socks (You can never run out of socks. Ever.), a couple
of DVD’s to watch when insomnia hits me and large, black thrash bags
(it’s a bit of an inside joke, I can count the people who gets this
with one hand).

Thanks Louisa! Much love, always and forever…

Thanks to my coworkers Penny and Siaw Chin for buying me a tub of Sunny Hill ice cream for my birthday on the 4th.

Thanks to the multitude of people who sent me SMS birthday wishes!
My apologies for not being able to reply, my cell phone service has
been barred due to a lack of prompt payment.

…and finally, thanks to my parents for never failing to send me a
birthday card every year, for bailing me out of jail and the first
thing that comes out of your mouth is “Did you have access to your
medication during your time in jail?” with a look of pure concern, for
never admonishing me or condescending me with a “I told you so” look
after I was arrested after many years of using drugs, blogging about
drugs, and fucking up in general, and for loving me for who I am.

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