The Kuching International Airport (KIA) Smoking Room

kia sibu plane

I’m stuck at the Kuching International Airport while my 5:30 pm
flight back to Sibu is being retimed to 6:05 pm. It’s like a cascading
effect, once one flight gets delayed, the others get retimed and I
would hate to think that this is another reoccurrence of one of those
gnarly 9 hour constant re-times that MAS is fond of doing as of late
[]. I’m on a business class ticket and the worst thing is
the business class lounge is UNDER RENOVATION so I lack the privileges
my premium ticket affords me, leaving me no choice but to sit here with
the rest of the sardine class proletariats. ;)

I’m kidding…

Anyway, I’m on a lot of opiate agonists now and also a (too) liberal
dose of benzodiazepines and I think I took too much alprazolam (Xanax)
and midazolam (Dormicum) coz I’m seriously nodding off now…

kia smoking room sign

…and I need a smoke. Where the fuck is the smoking lounge?

kia smoking room door

Found it…

kia smoking room

…just to discover that it’s just a small room with just ONE ashtray. Sheesh…

Oh well, at least the ventilation is good, unlike KLIA.

I read a blurb in the papers (NST p.21) – some feedback “Letter to
the Editor” column about “Malaysian Lab Rats” addressing the recent
announcement that Malaysia is keen on pharmaceutical companies
conducting trials here due to the racial diversity that we’re blessed
with for more accurate cross-culture data.

kia nst column

The person who wrote in wasn’t too keen about it, something about
“using Malaysians as lab rats”. Hey buddy, speak for yourself…some of
us would love to get into those pharmaceutical clinical trials. I’ll
run to get the nearest pen and sign the liability waiver for any
potential side effects and you don’t even have to pay me for my time.

I wouldn’t mind being one of the the first people in the world to
check out the latest benzodiazepine or opioid during the clinical trial
stage before it even applies for FDA approval and patents and way
before the potential pharmaceutical hits the commercial market. It
might never even get that far and I’ll be one of the first to
experience a research only substance.

Hell, I’ll give an arm and leg to get into the trials.

Anyway, I’ll be in Sibu for the long Labor Day holiday…

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! =D

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