Royal Selangor Spring 2006 Collection – Mojo

royal selangor spring lineup

Royal Selangor is a Malaysian based company which has gone international (seen an outlet in Chadstone in Melbourne, Australia) that manufactures pewter based products. It used to produce classic designs (think pewter) but has recently branched out into more contemporary showpieces and personal accessories.

royal selangor mojo range

The Royal Selangor Spring 2006 Collection has several new pewter lineups for this season – Mojo, Plus, Palladio, Plasma and The Ark. Mojo is a lucky charms based lineup for this new season and I saw a range of wearable charms on display at the Royal Selangor booth in the airport just now.

royal selangor mojo purchase

Mojo by Royal Selangor reintroduces charms as pewter designs on chokers for RM 110 each, and one particular charm caught my eye and I stopped to read the Mojo advertising spiel. It seems that Royal Selangor is breaking away from their traditional target market and moving into pewter items for today’s generation.

royal selangor mojo charm

I got the Flame Charm from the Mojo series. The Royal Selangor Spring 2006 Collection is all about different themes – The Ark is a series of nicely crafted pewter items such as picture frames, piggybanks and pen holders. Mojo is a whimsical personal accessories charms lineup and the others in the seasons collection each has its own cohesive theme.

royal selangor mojo flame charm

This is what the Flame Charm in the Mojo series looks like up close. I bought it coz the design looks great. I was just browsing around since my Kuching – Sibu flight was delayed from 8:30 pm to 9:25 pm (again…) and decided to get it on an impulse purchase. The Mojo range comes in a Royal Selangor display box and includes a choker strap and a protective cloth pouch in addition to the pewter charm itself.

I like the charm – it should protect me from being engulfed in flames should I nod off on a high opiate dose someday and drop my lit cigarette on the bed. πŸ˜‰

Flame On !


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