kedai ayam ipoh sign

Kedai Makanan Nasi Ayam Ipoh – New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
lays claim to one of the longest eating establishment signboards I’ve
seen in my life. It spans a good four lengths of shop houses and has
the bold tagline “Ipoh come to PJ“.

kedai ayam ipoh careful

That’s not the end of the Engrish though – the stairs leading up to
this fine eating establishment is also hand painted with the phrase “Please go up slowly” in red paint. I think they meant a lot of patrons have tripped on the stairs before. Careful is the word. ;)

kedai ayam ipoh patrons

Kedai Makanan Nasi Ayam Ipoh is supposed to have
really good Ipoh style chicken rice and our main liaison here, Lee,
brought us to Petaling Jaya to check out the food over here. There are
two entrances due to the large area and the place is packed with
patrons – a testament to the food.

kedai ayam ipoh stall

The right side of the eating establishment is where the main chicken chopping action takes place. New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice offers a huge amount of chicken products and the opening hours are from 10:30 AM to 10:45 PM.

kedai ayam ipoh chicken balls

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice has a standard
bowl of chicken balls (no, not that kind) in soup served with chicken
rice. There are about 4 chicken meat balls floating in the soup.

kedai ayam ipoh pork

We also had a side order of Sweet Sauce Pork (the
three-layered pork from the pork belly) which tastes sweet and good.
There is also a side dish of large bean sprouts which is standard in
chicken rice meals in Ipoh, or so I heard.

kedai ayam ipoh chicken

This is the main dish itself – Ipoh Chicken. The
chicken is kampong chicken (free range chicken) and it came on a huge
platter with most of the chicken parts inside (including the liver).

kedai ayam ipoh chicken macro

Ipoh Chicken Rice tastes sweeter than the chicken
rice I usually have back home – the essence of chicken seeps out
slightly from the chicken to be soaked up by the bed of cucumbers at
the bottom of the dish and the meat is tender and sweet, flavored by
spring onions.

kedai ayam ipoh all

Kedai Makanan Nasi Ayam Ipoh has really good
chicken rice – it comes highly recommended from me. It’s somewhere in
Petaling Jaya (PJ) but since someone brought us along; I don’t know
exactly where it is or how much the meal costs. It’s great chicken rice

Ipoh comes to PJ indeed…

P/S – My apologies – I have to rush out again, this really is a business trip. :(

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