qst rock on bag

My girlfriend went to KL recently and got me a T-shirt from Quiksilver (perhaps my favorite label for apparel).

qst rock on shirt

The T-shirt retails for RM 79.90 and comes with the designation QST ROCK ON – QuikSilver T-shirt – Rock On motif.

qst rock on design

Here’s a close up of the front of the QuikSilver – Rock On design – it has a gritty color scheme and hard lines with some neon colors.

qst rock on me

This is the (obligatory?) camwhore shot. ;)

I just came back from the circus and I’m going out for dinner soon
so I’ll reply all the comments when I get back. I’ll update again
later. Cheers all!

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13 Responses to “Quiksilver – Rock On (M) T-shirt”

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