The Medium from Thailand

thailand medium house

I was dragged to a new and “really good” medium during the weekend
after boozing at a pub. My friend was really keen to go and no one
wanted to go with her (I wanted to go clubbing too, actually), but I
thought wtf, and humored her. I went with nothing except my cell phone
(which explains the image quality or the lack thereof).

thailand medium prayer

There was a counter at the front of the semi-detached house in the
middle of nowhere and a group of devout believers at the front with a
book (which my friend told me is equivalent to a tithe) so I gave them
RM 20 and we were allowed into this room with a lot of religious
figurines and prayer paraphernalia.

thailand medium joss sticks

It was rather Zen-like actually, and my friend told me to take the
joss sticks (totaling 3 in number) light it, say a prayer and then take
it to the container outside and repeat the same incantation while
planting the joss sticks into the container. I’m not familiar with the
rites and rituals of such proceedings so it was interesting to find out.

thailand medium beer

The best part about the entire fiasco? Free beer! No shit, they had
free beer and a (small) buffet tablet lineup for food. I didn’t eat but
I drank a lot of beer. It was definitely worth the RM 20 admission fee.
I got to meet with the medium from Thailand too (he was also holding a
can of beer, strangely) and he gave me four digits for Toto (Lotto).

I didn’t use it. ;)

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