Guide to killing boredom in between jobs

guide watch movie

I have had a new found freedom during the period since I resigned
from Huygens Asia and before my work in Sibu and I have capitalized on
this freedom to do stuff which brings me glee, like going to watch the
movies at 3:15 pm. ;)

guide monster house

It feels like I’m playing hooky from work when I’m actually not. I went to watch Monster House yesterday with Joanne. It’s actually a pretty fun thing to do to kill boredom in between jobs.

guide popcorn

Just add popcorn. ;)

P/S – I’ve gained a staggering 10 kgs on Remeron, putting me at 70
kg instead of my usual 60 kg now. I’m going to go on phentermine when I
go back to Sibu to bring it back down to the usual weight coz I don’t
like carrying excess weight around.

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