jb snack attack

Snack Attack is the Air Asia in flight menu system and it has changed since the last time I reviewed the Snack Attack line [sixthseal.com].

jb snack attack menu

There is a flagship dish called Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak
(RM 8) available for consumption and I opted for that on my flight to
JB. Described as “Traditional Malay favorite. Tender chicken rendang
with fragrant coconut milk and pandan rice. Served warm with
accompaniments and Snack Attack’s special sambal sauce.”

jb snack attack food

I was quite excited about this considering the superlative “…word
has it that one of the best nasi lemak to be had is on Air Asia’s
morning flights” on The New Straits Times.

pak nasser nasi lemak

Product may not be illustrative of the photo depicted in the menu.

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