This is Amy Lau, one of my coworkers. She’s 23 and we used to go to the same high school.

amy car

This marks the return of the XX Chromosome posts from the old

amy me

Here is a photo of me and Amy after work.

Disclaimer: is not responsible for causing anyone’s saham to turun as a direct or indirect result of being featured on the blog. ;)

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8 Responses to “Amy Lau”

  1. nice one huai bin!
    and nice hair too haha.

  2. nice one huai bin!
    and nice hair too!

  3. bwuahahaha shccwiinngggg! Can I slap her ass too

  4. pedobear: OMFG!!!! You are Amy from XX Chromosome in sixthseal
    Amy: -_-”

  5. zeroize: thank you. :)
    poo bum: hmm…i don’t think i’m the right person to be directing that question to…
    fred: hello buddy! :)
    it’s good to hear from you.

  6. hah! that saham turun line sounds familiar!
    great to see that regular sixthseal posting is back!
    happy belated birthday, and let me know when you’ll be dropping by kuching. it’ll be like old times. =)

  7. amy… my old classmate… ha ha, she told me she was working with you in something fire related right?

  8. Irene: haha! all great lines must be shared. ;)
    yeah, it would be fun to head on down to kuching. am planning on it and will definitely give you a call when i do. take care irene!
    clementwpy eh, eh…no talk about work here. ;)
    don’t really want to reveal where i work.
    yes, i work with amy. :)

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