I just came back from work. I had to do some serious OT today at the office due to an event (?) tomorrow. Dinner was provided courtesy of the management. I have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow to boot but the consolation to that is that I’m going on a road trip to Miri this Saturday for the long Gawai holidays. 🙂

I promise the Batang Ai trip report will be up tomorrow – it’s seriously long and should entertain you all while I’m gone for the weekend. Cheers!

Mr. Sandman is calling. I gotta go.

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9 thoughts on “OT”

  1. Why am I always coming to your blog when I’m most hungry? All your entries feature some nice pic of food (except yestereday’s).
    Have a great trip, bro!

  2. liquidblackout: Thanks! I’ll be driving down to Miri tomorrow afternoon coz all the flights out AND back are all fully booked thanks to the Gawai holidays…
    Choonie: Ask, and it shall be given. Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you. 😉
    Roland: Yeah, that’s from Sue, a friend of mine. 🙂
    She’s from Canada.
    Rufus: Words of wisdom indeed…
    Very true, that.
    al’sera: Thanks mate! Batang Ai trip report coming up tonight. 20 MB of photos and 10 pages of text.
    jessy: You can always get a mineral water bottle to reuse. 🙂
    Wuching: I shall probably drink till I pass out or get alcohol poisoning this weekend. 😉
    Darren: Yeah, my number is 016 888 2069. Call me this Saturday night, mate.


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