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It has come to my attention that bloggers have started to pass out name cards. I seem to have lost touch with the blogosphere during my time in rehab coz I didn’t even know that was going on. It’s a vanity thing but I got a friend of mine who’s really good in design to do one for me. Heh!

phoenix card front


phoenix card caps

Back #1

phoenix card 2 back

Back #2

I’m not sure which one looks better? Does the “Poh Huai Bin” with caps or the “poh huai bin” without caps look nicer? Comments are appreciated.

I’m going to run a limited 100 pieces print using a standard laser printer coz the KL printers won’t be able to produce them in time for the really good quality ones. The local printers are charging me RM 40 for the 100 pieces run. I’m going to get them printed from KL using four color offset printing with double sided matte lamination and spot UV on 260 gsm art card for only about RM 62 for 200 pieces.

Does anyone have a better deal? I’m looking for high quality printed name cards. Feedback about the back portion of the card would be appreciated. Cheers!

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61 thoughts on “Blogger name cards

  1. Wow! They look great! I love the phoenix it adds a personal dimension to them.
    Go with the caps, looks heaps better and makes them look more professional and in charge!

  2. Tom: Cheers buddy! :)
    I’m now thinking about going with the caps ever since I saw Nicole’s card. It looks more professional.
    xiang: Thanks mate!
    Archie: Yeah, all credit goes to the designer friend of mine. :)

  3. Hi
    The one with caps looks nicer.just my opinion.=)
    Anyway i am looking for a designer to design a name card for me.Can u give me the contact of the designer if you dont mind? Anyway its really a great of the best ive seen so far.

  4. chazzz: Yeah, it seems to be all the rage now. I wonder if Mahathir has a blogger name card. ;)
    DomainDotMy: Thanks for the feedback. I will ask him to email you if he’s up to it. Cheers!

  5. Hello,
    Can I shamelessly have a copy of your business card? I live in the US and would love to make one for myself. I promise I will change the name and if anybody asks who/where it came from I will mention both your friend and your blog!

  6. Hi there…the card looks great. Does your friends or any of his friend doing freelance?
    If yes, appreciate he can list his profile at to help Malaysian design industry.

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